A unique combination of Belgian chocolate truffles with champagne flavour.

Have you ever tried a sparkling wine with the delicious flavour of Belgian truffles? If not, we have a unique combination of Belgian truffles and champagne for you. The sensual, playful flavour will seduce you and won't let go. It goes well with a glass of wine and fits nicely the times of pleasure. A unique gift for romantic moments or extravagant occasions.

Made in Belgium


Delicious Belgian chocolate truffles with hazelnuts.

The whole world probably loves milk chocolate with nuts. However, have you tried the Belgian chocolate truffles with hazelnuts yet? A delicious experience is waiting for you in a beautiful and mysterious box. The full taste of milk chocolate will melt on your tongue, while you will feel the pleasant flavour of hazelnuts. Great as a gift that will make an ordinary day special.

Made in Belgium


Delicious Belgian chocolate truffles combined with a slightly bitter taste of coffee.

Good coffee goes with a sweet dessert. But how about two in one? In a luxurious package, you will find Belgian chocolate truffles, which, in connection with the slightly bitter taste of Latte Macchiato coffee, will ensure a delicious experience for your taste buds. A pleasure not only for coffee lovers.

Made in Belgium


Elegantly packaged extra dark Belgian chocolate truffles with cocoa flavour.

Classic dark chocolate no longer surprises you? How about dark chocolate truffles that will get you just by their cocoa aroma when you open the elegant package! With each bite, you will fall more and more in love with the delicious taste of Belgian chocolate, which offers the full taste of cocoa. Delight yourself or your loved ones with this delicious taste experience

Made in Belgium